Responsive Web Design Is the Answer to All That Viewers Expect from Websites

It is the aim of all web designers to give maximum viewing pleasure to all website viewers regardless of the device from where it is accessed. People have now realized the difficulties and complications involved in maintaining two different websites, one for the mobile devices and the other for stationery devices and have adopted the policy of – a single website for a single entity. The transition has been made possible by the advanced technology of web design which is now known as mobile responsive web design that has become very popular. The technology has made it easy for viewers to view websites from any kind of device, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone while they enjoy the same pleasure of viewing.

The approach  

What kind of approach does an SEO agency take when considering RWD or Responsive Web Design? Basically they do two things – optimize the content layout and adapt the content that is viewed.

  • Optimizing the content layout – The reason for optimizing arises from the small screen size of mobile devices. The question is not about accommodating the entire website on the small screen, but to make it convenient for the viewer to sift through the content that can be read with ease. When the content is squeezed, some parts of the website can become illegible. To overcome this problem, the content is optimized in such a way that it can be moved around and the number of columns is reduced. The viewer thus gets a much better viewing experience.
  • Adapting the content – The content that is presented to the viewer should be adjusted according to the device from where it is being viewed. Those viewing the website from a mobile device are generally inclined to pounce upon the information they are looking for without spending much time to browse the site and sift through several pages before they find it. This is quite obvious as they are on the move and wants quick response. On the other hand, those viewing the website from desktop computers or laptops are usually seated at a place and have a different kind of mindset as they have time to spend in exploring information. Hence there is a need to present different kinds of content to people viewing the website from different devices under different circumstances.

A lot has changed

With the advent of responsive web design there has been a complete change in the philosophy and strategy that underlines web design. The viewer behaviour and expectations are being analyzed with more precision as these are components of a successful web design that satisfies the needs of all kinds of device users. There are changes in design and code also. Responsive web design is a future oriented technology which once incorporated to websites does not require any upgrade.

Responsive web design is the order of the day and the technology has given a boost to online marketing initiatives which have now got a shot in the arm like never before.